Project Engineering

Success in business begins with a well-crafted and expertly drawn up project. Egremontz, project engineering consultants, offer focused expertise on food related projects. Our team of food and engineering technologists comes up with greenfield and brownfield projects to help you carve out a successful niche in the food business or to expand existing activity.
Stand out qualities
  • Concept to commissioning of food technology and food processing projects
  • Access to specialists on our team in a collaborative atmosphere
  • Meticulous attention to detail
  • Focus on your success
Detailed, structured, methodic
Egremontz follows a detailed, structured and method pathway leading to success in projects. Our project engineering process can be broken down into different progressive steps, each one building on the previous one with agile adjustments as we proceed.

How we do

1. Project plan
This is where it all starts with an in-depth study leading to plan outlines covering:
• Selection of product
• Deciding on production line
• Defining quality parameters
• Fixing project budget and timeline for implementation
2. Layout design
The production plant is at the core of the project and we give it meticulous thought to cover all aspects including:
• Plant basic design and layout from various perspectives
• Design and layout of each production line for seamless flow
• Mapping of space for flow, storage and process of raw materials to finished goods
• Layout and factoring in of utilities & services
3. Equipment selection
This part of project engineering is crucial from cost and performance angles. Our team gives careful thought to:
• Specifications of equipments, supplier, reputation, performance and service
• Preparation of techno-commercial comparison statement
• Negotiation with short-listed suppliers and drawing up agreement for supply and services
4. Project review and evaluation
Our involvement continues at the time of execution
• Site visit and review, refine earlier parts if necessary
• Oversee project implementation at all stages
• Test and commission trial production
5. Project handover
Once we are fully satisfied and have brought production on-stream we hand over the project to clients.
Our team can come up with innovative project ideas that fill a perceived market gap. We are equally adept at analyzing existing production and helping clients to expand, branchout or streamline existing process. Get in touch with us. Get the benefit of our expertise not only in food technologies but also in any other engineering project. We assure success.

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