Business Advisory & Assurance

Much can be achieved by re-examining your business in great detail. This is where Egremontz steps in with its business advisory and assurance consulting. Once we are done, you experience a radical, positive transformation that will re-energize your business and generate more revenues.

Success of business is based on a variety of underlying factors, each of which must be fluid, coherent and finely-tuned to assure success. Our business advisory covers:

  • Business process analysis, refining/restructuring and implementation
  • Technology upgrades, training, support
  • Advisory on obtaining government grants, finance, subsidy
  • Consulting for JV, mergers, acquisitions, new product introduction
  • Virtual CFO
  • Business audit covering financial section, production and IT

We bring about a change for the better, giving you insights and showing you the way to grow and generate more revenues.

Carefully considered implementation

Transformation is a multi-stage process achieved through carefully considered implementation in these areas:

  • Analysis of existing process, weeding out inefficiencies and streamlining
  • Bring about coherent processes integration
  • Structured financing
  • Define and implement internal controls, monitoring and reporting for incremental improvements all the time
  • Define long term mission and vision and align processes to reach that goal
  • Analyze employees, identify pain points, lack of skills and implement remedial measures
Staying in the comfort zone can prove expensive in many ways such as letting competitors overtake you, not being able to offer finest prices or letting high expenses eat away profits. Our business analysis lens identifies everything and our powerful business process implementation leads to success. Just talk with us to know all that we can do for you and how you benefit.

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