Hospitality & Retail

Egremontz is your go-to consultancy when you think of entering the hospitality and retail segment or are already in it and wish to fast track your business to success. What you get when you engage us is access to expertise and experience of a team with a high rate of success in retail and hospitality business.
Comprehensive services

Retail, food & beverage and restaurant business has different perspectives and operators have different goals. Our expertise lies in offering comprehensive services. We can help to launch new retail or restaurant projects. You can improve bottom line and enhance value. You can explore new markets, anticipate trends and capture more loyal customers with our comprehensive range of services.

Areas we serve
Engage Egremontz to handle solutions across the wide spectrum required by retail and restaurant business.

How we do

1. Concepts and restructuring
We lay the foundation for success based on:
• Innovative concept development or restructuring
• Analysis of competition, location, potential customers
2. Project management
Our team covers all aspects such as:
• Planning of space utilization for ergonomics and aesthetics
• Equipment and utilities selection, layout
• Modify existing layout to be more user friendly and derive maximum ROI
3. Legal compliance
Our knowledgeable team of lawyers ensure strict regulatory compliance covering:
• Local licencing
• Conformity with routine regulations
• Consideration from various perspectives to ensure you are protected
4. Marketing
Setting up a project is one thing, marketing is another and this is where you get benefit of our marketing expertise in areas such as:
• Branding and promotions
• Marketing design, collaterals, digital media
• Customer management, loyalty programs
5. Retail operations
Running a retail business and optimizing operations becomes easy when we offer our expertise across the entire spectrum such as:
• Manpower planning and deployment
• Product layout, visual appeal, ease of shopping
• Production planning
• Standardization
• HR
• Waste management
• Training
• IT
Egremontz involvement can help you to launch a new project with assured success. We can assist with revitalizing and galvanizing existing operations to be cost-effective, introduce improved processes, attract more customers and transform your business into a lucrative one.

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